Okazaki-Nishi photos

Here are some photos from the powhiri (Maori welcome)yesterday  and conversation class today. In the large photo you can see the Okazaki-Nishi students with members of the Kapa Haka group.

tour group 1

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Yesterday we wèlcomed 30 students from Okazaki-Nishi High School in Japan. They are at Lincoln for 2 weeks. They are living  with host families so will learn a lot about New Zealand lifestyle.  Yesterday the Kapa Haka group gave them a wonderful welcome, including waiata   and haka. The Japanese students gave a fantastic performance in return, singing in both Japanese and Maori. Today they start ESOL classes. We are sure they’ll have a great time in New Zealand.

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Welcome back to Term 3

School holidays have now finished and today everyone is back at school. The school ball was held on the first Saturday of the holidays. Everyone had a wonderful time and looked very glamorous! Some students went on our school ski trip and had great fun learning to ski at Porter Heights Ski field. Another trip went to Akaroa, the pretty town in Akaroa Harbour close to Christchurch. Some students returned to their home countries to see family and friends and had a special time.

Today we welcomed 5 new students from Germany. They are all here to experience life in New Zealand and improve their English- which is already very good! In ESOL class today, they showed us a short you-tube clip about Berlin. We’re sure they’ll have a good time here and will make friends very quickly.

Some sporting news: Did you know that both the men’s and women’s Rugby 7’s teams have just won the world championships in San Francisco? This is a wonderful achievement. Rugby 7’s is a popular sport here, as well as rugby union.


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Congratulations to our Prime Minister and her partner.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford, because they had a baby daughter! Jacinda is only the second woman Prime Minister in the world to have a baby while ‘in office.’ (While she is Prime Minister.) Jacinda will now take 6 weeks maternity leave. While she is on leave, the Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, will be ‘acting Prime Minister.’ When Jacinda finishes her leave and returns to Parliament, her partner Clarke will be a ‘stay at home Dad’ and care for their baby. Everyone is now looking forward to hearing the name of their little girl! In ESOL classes today we are enjoying reading, watching and listening to some articles about the new baby on-line. It is big news around the world, not just in New  Zealand. Congratulations Jacinda and Clarke!

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Fish and chip lunch

On Tuesday, we had a fish and chip lunch. It was very ‘traditional Kiwi,’ because the fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper and we had Wattie’s tomato sauce as well! Everyone enjoyed it, especially because it was so cold outside. Lots of students took photos. We’ll do this again…perhaps next time we might have a ‘pavlova day.’ Do you know what a pavlova is? It’s a sweet dessert, made with sugar and eggs. It’s famous in New Zealand and also in Australia. Here are two photos from the fish and chip lunch. There is also a photo of some of the clever visual/verbal images that the ESOL 102 class have recently created.



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Guys and Dolls Musical starts today!

Do you love dancing and singing and watching musicals? Lincoln High School students are performing the well known musical ‘Guys and Dolls.’ Performances start tonight and will continue this week. This is a wonderful musical, full of great songs and dancing and lots of laughter. Our students have been practising for months and we know they will perform wonderfully. Several International students are playing in the orchestra. Tickets can be booked online. Enjoy the show!



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Winter weather

It’s been raining cats and dogs for almost two weeks! We are definitely having winter weather now, although some trees still have their beautiful autumn colours. The ESOL students are working hard. The 102 class have just finished creating visual images on issues that are important to them. They are now writing formal magazine articles, persuading teenagers to visit their countries. The 202 class have been enjoying reading and watching different texts connected by the theme ‘meeting and overcoming challenges.’ One text that they really related to was the documentary ‘Waves.’ This documentary is about 4 Chinese students who are studying in New Zealand. They are now writing an essay about these texts. Keep working hard everyone, and keep warm!

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