Learning overseas

Lincoln gives students many opportunities and one of these opportunities is the chance to travel to another country. During the holidays two trips will take place. Senior Classics students are travelling to 🇮🇹 Italy, where they will visit many special places they have been leaning about in class. Another group of students learning Chinese are going to travel to 🇨🇳 China, where they will have an amazing time using their Chinese language and experiencing Chinese culture. We wish all these students and their hard working teachers safe travels and a fantastic time!

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ESL News website

Did you know that there’s a good New Zealand website called ESL News? On this site you can read short news articles about different events that are happening in New Zealand. You can also listen to the articles being read out loud. The reader speaks slowly so it is easy for ESOL students to understand. This week there is an article about the Commonwealth Games. We listened to this article in class yesterday and it’s very good listening practice. It also keeps students up to date with events that are happening in New Zealand. Check it out! Just google ESL News.

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Last week of Term 1

The weather has turned very cold for the last week of term. It has rained for 3 days! It’s rained cats and dogs! The wind has been strong and the temperature has been very low.tJIGSAW

But the ESOL room is cosy and warm. The elementary classes are studying about New Zealand cities and geography this week. Here’s a photo of some of the students testing their knowledge by completing a jigsaw puzzle of New Zealand. If you look carefully, you can see a dish of famous New Zealand lollies (Candy) called ‘pineapple lumps.’ Some students like them but others think they are too sweet!

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Happy Easter everyone.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter 🐣 holiday. On the last day of school, we held our annual Easter morning tea with hot cross buns and Easter eggs for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to Mr Rout for being our special Easter bunny for another year! There’s only a short time until the end of term and everyone is working hard to complete final assessments before the holidays. The 102 ESOL have now completed their 3 term one assessments… well done everyone! As a treat, we are now watching a Harry Potter movie, in English of course! Watching movies with the subtitles on is a fun way to improve your listening skills.

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Showcase week

The Arts and Culture councils have been very busy this week, organising a variety of lunchtime entertainment for Lincoln students. At lunchtime today, students performed songs, the Kapa Haka (Maori traditional song and dance group) performed and there was a bake sale. All the money raised from the bake sale is going to help Avida (Women’s refugee.) These photos show the Kapa Haka group performing waiata (song) and haka. You can also see some of our International students taking videos. Well done to the councils for all their hard work.


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Hard working students!

Here are two photos of senior students in the 202 class. They are working hard on their assessment, thinking about their academic goals for the future. Many are researching about the universities they want to attend when they graduate from Lincoln.

(Naoki is looking very enthusiastic and strong in one photo!) It’s important to think carefully about your future goals, and what steps you need to take to achieve them.

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Christchurch cultural festivals.

There have been four wonderful cultural festivals in Christchurch over the last month: Japan Day, The Night Noodle Markets, The Chinese Lantern Festival and Culture Galore. Thousands of people have enjoyed going to these events, eating delicious food and experiencing different cultures. Many Lincoln High students have loved going to these festivals.

Christchurch is a very multi cultural city and celebrating everyone’s culture is very important. Here are some photos from ‘Culture Galore,’ which was held last Sunday. Trying food from different countries was a highlight!

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