End of year

Most students are now on exam leave, sitting their NCEA exams. We wish them every success. Before they went on exam leave we held our annual Christmas graduation lunch for International Students. Everyone had a great time and students who are leaving were presented with certificates. The Year 13 Graduation Ceremony was also held at the Lincoln Events Centre. Over 200 Year 13 students received their graduation certificates. It was a wonderful celebration. International Students who aren’t sitting exams have been enjoying their special end of year programme. They’ve had fun learning to surf, visited the Canterbury Show, made craft creations, played tennis and badminton, planted vegetables in Lincoln’s community garden, written articles to make our ESOL student magazine and much more. This week they’ve had a fantastic trip to Nelson: kayaking, bush walking and exploring this lovely part of New Zealand.

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Spring photos

The weather has been very changeable recently, with hot days and also thunder, lightning and hail! Here are some more beautiful photos from our talented photographer, Juhee Park. The skies at this time of year are spectacular. Juhee has taken the photos from her homestay. Thanks, Juhee.

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Spring beauty

Here are some beautiful spring photos from our talented photographer, Juhee Park. They were taken in her  neighbourhood.


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Learning English through board games

Students love to use technology, but playing old fashioned board games is a great way to improve your English and have fun.  Students have to work collaboratively to understand the rules and play the game. All the instructions are in English of course! We’ve got lots of board games in ESOL class. Last week we bought two new ones: Cluedo and the new edition of New Zealand Monopoly. Here are students enjoying both games. Not a device in sight! 🙂

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Term three photos

Here are some photos of some of our Term 3 activities. You can see  Cultural Council festivals such as the  ‘We are us’ day and the culture day where students and teachers dressed in clothing to reflect different cultures, and the annual cross country. Enjoy!


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News update

Wow, term 3 has gone so fast! There have been lots of interesting events at Lincoln for students to enjoy over the past few weeks. The Cultural council has done a wonderful job. Two weeks ago they organised a culture day, where students and teachers could dress in clothing to represent their culture, or a culture they were interested in. Students proudly wore traditional clothing from Japan, Thailand, Africa, Egypt, Australa, China, Vietnam, New Zealand and many other countries. They proudly wore their clothing to classes and had a large group photo on the field at lunchtime. ❤️ On Thursday, the Council organised a ‘we are us’ festival, to again celebrate the many cultures at Lincoln. Students could buy delicious food from a variety of countries at interval and lunchtime. There were also Calligraphy and origami stalls. Many students helped sell food on the stalls. It was a great effort and a special event for Lincoln. 🥐🍟🍚🍱

Yesterday  the annual cross country race was held. About 700 students took part, many wearing their house colours. Some wore funny fancy dress! It was quite cold but luckily it didn’t rain. 🌥

I will post photos from these events next week.

Next week the senior derived grade exams start. Everyone is working hard for these exams. Students will be on exam leave until the end of the term. These exams are a very important opportunity to practice for the NCEA exams in November. Students can learn how to improve their work and feel pride in their success. All the best to everyone. 👩🏽‍🎓👩‍💻


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Creative photography

Here are some more beautiful and creative photos, taken by our talented student Juhee Park. She has captured the cold frosty mornings and low sunlight of early winter very well.

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