Welcome to Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 to all our returning students and our new students. We have 18 new students this term. They are now settling into school life and getting to know their new classmates and teachers. We’re sure they’ll enjoy trying many new experiences and making new friends. On Wednesday, the International Council are having another ‘snackchat’ lunch, where our new students can chat with New Zealand students and eat snacks! This is a great idea for making connections and feeling welcome. Thanks to the Council for organising this event.

During the holidays, a group of students went skiing! They had  a fantastic time in the snow. Two more trips are planned soon! Many students travelled out of Christchurch. Some went to Queenstown, some to The West Coast and some to Auckland. The weather was very rainy and we had some winter storms, but everyone made the most of their holiday.

At the end of this term the Derived Grade exams will be held for senior students. Students have been given information about the exams and the timetable will come out this week. Work hard towards your exams, everyone!









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Enjoy the holidays!

Tomorrow is the end of Term 2. Some students are returning to Japan, Thailand and Korea for the holidays so we wish them safe travels and a happy holiday with their families and friends. This Saturday night is the school ball. This is a special night of glamour and dancing. On the 19th July a group of students are going skiing for the day. That will be a great experience and for some it will be the first time they have seen snow. Have a great holiday everyone. Relax, try new experiences, visit new places and don’t forget to keep studying!

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Holiday conversations.


Conversation practice is important and fun! We often visit the year 9 Japanese class and the year 10 Maori class to speak in English, Japanese and even a little Maori. Here are some photos from yesterday. We’re in Mrs Austen’s class, chatting about plans for the holidays. Holidays start on Saturday for two weeks. YAY!!!!

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New displays of work.

Here are our latest classroom displays. On the left you can see the visual images the 102 ESOL class have created. They are well designed and teach us to care for our environment, not to smoke or drink and drive. Some students used photoshop to help create their designs. The two other photos show the cultural research projects made by the elementary class students. They also presented their projects to the class as 3 minute speeches. Well done everyone!

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Here are some of our students from Japan. You might wonder why one of the girls is wearing a different uniform. It’s because Lincoln introduced a new uniform this year. Most new students, and all year 9 students, wear our new uniform. In 4 more years everyone will wear it. It includes a blazer and a tie, so is more formal than our old uniform. I think all the girls look happy because lunchtime had just started when I took this photo!image

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Clubs at Lincoln

There are many clubs and sports for students to join at school. Here’s a photo of one of the more unusual clubs: the dog club. Students can bring their dogs to school and learn to train them. The dogs and their owners look really happy! Joining clubs and sports is a great way to make friends. Other popular activities are badminton, Japanese club, orchestra, tennis, rock climbing, table tennis and surfing.


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Welcome to our tour group.

Welcome to our tour group from Vietnam who are with us for 4 weeks. They will be attending classes with their buddies and experiencing lots of activities in Christchurch. Here is a photo of them learning a ball game with the Maori language class.

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