Here are some of our students from Japan. You might wonder why one of the girls is wearing a different uniform. It’s because Lincoln introduced a new uniform this year. Most new students, and all year 9 students, wear our new uniform. In 4 more years everyone will wear it. It includes a blazer and a tie, so is more formal than our old uniform. I think all the girls look happy because lunchtime had just started when I took this photo!image

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Clubs at Lincoln

There are many clubs and sports for students to join at school. Here’s a photo of one of the more unusual clubs: the dog club. Students can bring their dogs to school and learn to train them. The dogs and their owners look really happy! Joining clubs and sports is a great way to make friends. Other popular activities are badminton, Japanese club, orchestra, tennis, rock climbing, table tennis and surfing.


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Welcome to our tour group.

Welcome to our tour group from Vietnam who are with us for 4 weeks. They will be attending classes with their buddies and experiencing lots of activities in Christchurch. Here is a photo of them learning a ball game with the Maori language class.

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Here are students studying hard on Friday afternoon in ESOL class. We were using our grammar books.

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Here are some photos from recent events: open night, scone making and spicy noodle eating competition. Guess who won the noodle eating competition? The International team of course!

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ESOL class update

Hi everyone! The ESOL classes are working hard. We are now half way through the term! Here is an update:

The Elementary classes have just finished research projects comparing aspects of New Zealand life with their own countries. The topics are very interesting and include fashion, sport, food, traditional festivals and education systems. Everyone is now preparing a speech to share their knowledge with their classmates.

The Intermediate class is now working hard to improve their essay writing skills. We are learning how to structure an essay correctly and how to use quotations. Next week we will start a new assessment, where students design a visual image about an issue that is important to them. I’m sure we’ll get some great posters about issues such as world peace, protecting our environment and keeping safe on socIal media.

The Upper Intermediate class is currently studying the movie ‘Run Lola Run.’ This movie is a German production but we have also watched it in English and with English subtitles. It has amazing visual and verbal movie techniques and a very unusual structure. Actually, it’s rather crazy!

On Friday the International Council is organising a spicy noodle eating competition. Teams of 5 race to be the fastest eaters. I hope they don’t make too much mess!

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The school ball is coming!

On Saturday the 8th July, (first day of the holidays) the Lincoln school ball will be held. This is a special event for year 12 and 13 students. Everyone wears their best clothes and enjoys a night of music, dancing and ‘a sit down’ dinner. It’s one of the best experiences for students and we encourage our students to go. So, get a group of friends together, organise your special clothes and enjoy the ball!

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